Welcome to the Felix Foundation Baltistan

The Felix Foundation Baltistan (FFB) is a locally based, non-profit organisation working for the development of the people of the Hushe Valley in Baltistan, an isolated mountain region in northern Pakistan. In cooperation with its Basque partner organisation, Baltistan Fundazioa (BF), the FFB finances projects in Education, Agriculture, Ecotourism, Infrastructure, Health and Gender Equality.

!!! Make a 5 minute video and WIN A SMARTPHONE !!!

Felix Foundation Baltistan is offering would-be movie makers the chance to win a SMARTPHONE in this exciting 5-minute video competition! All you have to do is make a 5-minute creative video about something that interests you and submit it to us. The 20 best films from 10 girls and 10 boys will be submitted to the final contest in Biskai, Spain.

Terms & Conditions for video submission:

  1. Any topic, theme, idea, place, thing or person can be featured.
  2. Entries MUST be submitted BEFORE the deadline.
  3. The 5 minute video file should no larger than 1GB and not less than 400 MBs.
  4. A total of 20 videos will be selected for the contest, 10 from girls and 10 from boys.
  5. Videos longer than 5 minutes will not be considered.
  6. Videos may contain multiple clips but with a single theme or idea along with creative thinking.
  7. The prize will be given in a grand ceremony in Machulo in September by internationally invited guests.
  8. Videos must made using a Smartphone, they need to be clear, visible and innovative.
  9. Self edited and recent submissions made in English language will be given preference.
  10. Videos must not have been previously published on the Internet, social media or in any contest.
  11. Participants submitting videos must belong to one of the eight valley communities (Saling, Machulo, Talis, Balaygond, Marzigond, Khaney, Kanday and Hushe)
  12. Participants must be between the ages of 8 and 30.
You may send your videos in on DVD, CD or USB, to us at address below. Or you can submit in person by visiting our offices.

Program Manager Felix Foundation Baltistan p/o
and village Machulo cont # 03554175675

Last date to submit the videos is 20th July 2017 4:00pm

Stay at our Guest House in Machulo!

Come and stay or eat at our Guest House and Restaurant in the beautiful village of Machulo. Opening again on May 1st, the guest house is a great place to relax and recharge your batteries in between trips to view the spectacular sites of the Hushe Valley. All profits from the guest house go towards funding our education projects. For more information contact Kamal (Tlf: 03554175675) or Hassan (Tlf: 03554176714) or via Facebook

Donate to educate!

Donating 50 EUROS can educate a girl in the Hushe Valley

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News from the Foundation:

Progress Report of Education (2015 - 16)

The Progress Report of Education for 2015 to 2016 has been compiled by Kamal ud Din, Project Manager for Education. The report contains a complete overview of the work done by the FFB in connection with funding, education, teacher training and related projects for the last year. Read the report here...


A School for Deaf Children Stranded in Pakistan

Aniqa is a teacher working with deaf children from the Hushe Valley at a school in Skardu. She was recently invited to visit Bilbao by the Baltistan Fundazioa. While in Spain she made a presentation at a conference and gave an interview to the radio station Cadena SER. You can read more and find a link to the interview here...

Report from The Second Conference on Impetus for Edification (CIE-2016)

The Second Conference on Impetus for Edification-2016 (CIE-2016) was held to enhance, challenge, arouse and confirm youth aspiration and flair for the near future of the Hushe Valley. The one day congress offered a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge, exchange ideas and notions. Read the conference report here...

Plantation Day at Munawar Public School Machulo, 5th May, 2016

Munawar Public School Machulo recently organised a plantation day to improve the environment around the school. Staff and students worked together to plant 180 plants in the school grounds while the importance of preserving and protecting the natural environment was highlighted. Read more here...

Higher Education Grant Applications, 28th April, 2016

With the support of Baltistan Fundazioa, the Felix Foundation Baltistan has been promoting girls for higher education studies at distant universities. So far the foundation has awarded grants to over 50 students. Selection tests for a further 10 female students were held recently. Read more here...

Three day Beginner English Course, 20th April, 2016

As part of the Biscay Program, the Felix Foundation Baltistan, with the support of Baltistan Fundazioa, recently ran a three day English Beginner Course for women leaders in the Hushe Valley. The objective of the course was to foster local development. Read more here...

Approval of the Strategic Development Plan from the FFB board

Following a meeting held on 19th March, the FFB is pleased to announce that the Strategic Development Plan for the socio-economic development of the Hushe Valley, has been signed off by all the stakeholders. Read more here...