Extension of the Health Education Plan

As part of a two year project in collaboration with the Basque Iruna Council, the Foundation has been running health extension projects to raise awareness of disease prevention and hygiene amongst students in the Valley's schools.

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Project Name IRUÑA
Activity Extension of Health Education Plan to 10 schools
Activities Duration Health Session: One day in 10 school
Painting: one day in 4 schools
Repairing and Maintenance of WCs
Supported By IRUÑA Council
Report by Kamal-ud-Dn
Program Manager for Education
Felix Foundation Baltistan
Date of Report 23 January 2019

Table of Contents

Doctor’s Note Regarding Health Sessions
Overview of Activity
Health Sessions
Repairing and Maintenance of WCs and Faucets
Health Sensitization Painting Activity
Community and School Health Coordinator Demands
Award and Recognition

Table of Figures

Table 1 Time Table and Complete Schedule
Table 2 Time Schedule of Painting Activity

Activity of Health Session Information Sheet

No of Schools participating: 10
No of T. students participating 1448 (756 Girls and 692 Boys)
Duration of activity One hour each. (10 hrs total)
Total Teachers participated 79 (39 Females and 40 Male) 
Venues of Activity Execution Each School of the valley, classrooms, grounds and community places
Participating schools in the valley 1. Khaney Government Middle school
2. Kanday Amin Braq Public School 
3. Govt Model Primary school Khadi 
4. Mashabrum Public School Hushe 
5. Govt Primary school Marzigond 
6. Govt Primary school Balaygond 
7. Govt Middle school Talis 
8. Munawar Public School Machulo I 
9. Munawar Public School Machulo II 
10. Unique Public School Saling 
Theme of the Activity to emphasize Health and Hygiene, Nutrition and Cleanliness importance to students and teachers
Ceremony Awareness speech about Health & Hygiene, Practical work, demonstration of hand washing
Approach Participatory Approach and Gender Constituent importance
Opportunity availing Students interests in basics of health are appreciative
Achievements Schools have nominated Health Coordinators (Female & Male teachers), Awards for students
Master Trainer  Dr. Saleem (M.B.B.S) Medical Officer
Key Partners and Sponsors IRUNA COUNCIL

Activity of Painting Information Sheet

No of Schools participating: 04
No of T. students participating 160 (104 Girls and 56 Boys)
Duration of each activity Four hrs. Total 16hrs
Total Teachers participated 30 (21 Females and 09 Male) 
Venues of Activity Execution Each School of the valley, classrooms, grounds and community places
Participating schools in the valley a. Khaney Government Middle school 
b. Kanday Amin Braq Public School 
c. Govt Model Primary school Khadi
d. Mashabrum Public School Hushe
Theme of the competition Emphasize Health and Hygiene, Nutrition and Cleanliness by painting
Ceremony Awards distribution, Awareness speech about Health & Hygiene
Approach Participatory Approach and Gender Component emphasized 
Opportunity availing Already received one International Art Competition in China
Achievements a. Last year same competition got certification in International Art Competition in New York for 14 Students of Hushe Valley.
b. This year received invitation letter for the same competition in China. Going to participate 16 students’ art, which is most impressive. 
Key Partners and Sponsors IRUNA COUNCIL


The Iruna Council from Basque admired the struggles of Baltistan Fundazioa and Felix Foundation Baltistan for improvement in the life of most deprived and vulnerable community of Hushe Valley, Pakistan. In this connection, extension of education plan got one component of health extension project for prevention of disease and preventive measures of health for school students stated priority from the mentioned sponsors. The two-year project let the opportunity for Hushe Valley students to develop their habits of healthy and clean routine of their lives. The 10 schools of the valley participated in this mega venture of health extension. The basics of hand washing stay clean, healthy and preventive measures from diseases awareness gave the idea, impression to students that their health is vital, and core to be healthy. This joint venture let be successful by not only students but also the teachers and community as well participated. Teachers, students and community appreciate this stance of nobility to become a healthy child. The regular faucets and toilet, towels and soap using habit of students in the school, repairing of faucets, WCs, pipe connections with running tape water makes the execution indications positive. The dynamic way to emphasize, “hygienically and Healthy life is important” through painting activity and students participation was impressive. Community participation and owning the washrooms, its maintenance in some schools has indicated as positive notion.

Procedure of the activity of Health Sessions

The procedure followed systematically to implement it as;
  1. Program Manager for education met with the doctor in Machulo. The meeting held at FFB office and set one hour long where discussed the entire plan and procedure to be executed the activity in schools.
  2. After the approval of Budget from BF & FFB we discussed availability of FFB scheduled activities of other staff members. The days of execution of activity planned according to the adjustment of FFB staff activities.

  3. A message to each school Management committee responsible delivered through mobile call. The conversation let them know about entire execution process, its importance, execution schedule and methodology explained. However, it was not continuously executed school after school but execution continued each day one school.

  4. Apart from the first call, we re-called them one day before and informed about the Doctor visit. The SMC members’ representation and volunteerism observed well during the execution of activities as they cooperated by informing Head Teachers, Teachers and students about the activity.

  5. Arranged the transport and arrived with the Doctor at Each school by following the schedule.

Time Table and Complete Schedule 
S# Name of school Timeframe of visit Duration Exact venue Contacted
1 Mashabrum Public School, Hushe August to October 2018

08:20 to 09:20 One hour per school

School Ground Gh.Hussain
2 Amin Braq Public School, Kanday School Ground Nazir
3 Government Middle School, Khaney Corridor Imran
4 Government Primary School, Marzigond Class room Murad Ali
5 Government Primary School, Balaygond Community area Arif Hussain
6 Government Middle School, Talis School Ground Ashraf
7 Munawar Public School Machulo II School Ground Murtaza
8 Munawar Public School Machulo I School Hall Marzia
9 Government Primary School, Khadi Machulo School Hall M.Khan
10 Unique Model School, Saling Community area Abdullah

  1. The said date and schedule followed to implement the health sessions in the schools. Arrived at the schools and met with the school head teachers of the schools. Formally introduced Doctor with the head teachers along with staff and let them announced the Doctor visit regarding health session.

  2. Together with the Head teacher, we did formal introduction to the students about activity and doctor. He started his speech to all the students of school who gathered there. He elaborated the importance of Health first. He asked questions to the students “Anyone who have faced any disease this year?” Students surmised and agreed by telling him diseases like, Skin, Eye and Ear infections. Stomach, fever and diarrhea. He asked next question after their answers. Do you think these all diseases can be reduce or overcome by yourself? Some of the students said yes and added that we can keep clean our hands. Majority of the students were silent. He told them, yes, you all can do it and it is very simple to be healthy. Should I tell you, how could we do it in simple way? Yess sir, they replied. He asked to come two students to come in front of the students. He demonstrated the steps of washing hands and let them practice it. Later All the students repeat it. He explained that the hands must watch before eating something, after play and using toilets. Cut your nails once in a week, keep clean your bed and cloths/uniforms and take a shower once in a week as well. The importance of these practices elaborated by linking the diseases that students experienced. If you do not keep clean your hands, body, cloths and beds the disease can occur which not only effect your health but studies will highly suffer. The economical expenses of the family is apart from this, as if you get ill then you need to hospitalize either in Khaplu or in Skardu. To prevent these all suffers, you simply follow the basics routine of cleanliness.

  3. The end of the sessions repeated the steps of washing hands, preventive measures from disease by cleanliness of body, cloth, hand and bed.

  4. Then asked them “Do you have any question to us? Feel free to add your questions.” They asked these questions;
    1. How does my Sore throat can recover or prevent it? Asked by a 12 years old girl from Saling and 12 years old boy from Marzigond schools.

      The doctor replied, the major factor in this disease are careless Dental cleanliness and family overcrowding. You must brush your teeth each day before and after taking your meal, take bath and keep clean your cloths & beds, avoid spicy food. The most important thing is to visit the nearest health facilitation center or consult with a doctor.

    2. A 9 year old boy and girl had Ear infection and asked for its treatment in Saling school.

      Doctor said; The Weather Changes, improper nose, mouth and ear cleanliness can cause these infections. We can prevent it by washing our face with soap on a routine basis, brushing teeth and prevent dusts.

    3. 13-year-old boy and 10 years old girl from Khaney and MPS. one boy from Saling and Kanday respectively noted their Eye infections and request to suggest treatment for this.

      Doctor said; The eyes are very much important part of our body. We must take care it very seriously. We should wash our hands with soap regularly before and after meal, using washrooms and games. Mostly, we did not visit to a doctor and in response; some worms grow in our stomach, which is very much dangerous for us. Due to lack of proper awareness or proper visit to doctors also can take longer duration of infection.
      If someone of our family member or friend has already affected eye infection, we can be get infection easily. So, try to avoid living with over crowd places, use mask, sunglasses if required or with the consultation of doctor.

    4. 5 Students (2 girls and 3 boys of 10,11 & 8,9,11 year old respectively) reported their Hepatitis B & C in Machulo, Khaney and in Hushe schools.

      Doctor said; If some of our family member has infections and his used Razor / shaver used by us, we can infected these diseases. Common used of towels, re use of injection or infected injected person’s equipment can also cause it. Unprotected inter course, blood transfusion from infected persons and due to lack of general hygiene maintenance can cause these diseases. We should be very careful regarding the used razors, common dirty towels, and used injections’ equipment. We must not use these and use new and personal things.

    5. One boy from saling school asked if some body have Lungs Cancer, why he get infected that and how we can prevent it?

      Doctor said; The very common factor is due to chain smoking and active passive smoking. Apart from these air pollution, exposure of dust, solid fuel consumption and chemical production (like explosive) factories are other causes of lungs cancer. We can prevent it by leaving chain smoking, do not live by side of a smoker, use mask during polluted air conditions and during dusted, chemical, explosive smell areas. Consult with doctor quickly and do not take medicine other than prescription of any qualified doctor.

    6. One student from Khadi school asked about Complications of common diseases.

      Doctor said; complications can be due to lake of proper treatment, in-time check-ups and not taking care of general hygiene. We should not take medicine our own selves unless and until a doctor prescribed or consulted. Do not get late to consult with a doctor for proper treatment, do not wait to be get well but visit the doctor immediately. There are some medicines out dated or expired (written over the medicine) before use it, always check it and if it is out dated, do not use it. Waste it away from the population.

    7. Two boys asked from Talis and Balaygond schools “why sugar disease infect us?”

      Doctor said; Sugar disease can be cause due to imbalance diet, familial cause, and lack of proper exercise, did not maintain sugar level and not consult with doctor. We can prevent it by taking variation of diet to balance the proteins, sugar level. We must consult with the doctor and always follow the doctors’ advice rather than quacks.

    8. 14 years old girl from Hushe and 8 years old boy rom Kanday schools asked about Skin infections.

      Doctor said; there are several reasons to infect skins. The common is due to improper care of general hygiene. We should wash our hands, body, cloths, clean beds, wear proper shoes and take a shower after playing your games which mostly in dusty grounds.

  5. Asked teachers to keep an eye over the general cleanliness of the students. Make sure a checking of student’s cleanliness each day or at least once in a week. The procedure to maintain it as Cleanliness Register in the school to notified to parents and for recognition of awards. 
Doctor’s Note Regarding Health Sessions
I would recommend for continuation of further sessions. Those would be on different topics like; health and hygiene, communicable disease, non-communicable disease, balance diet, stress management session. Apart from these, we should continue washroom’s proper cleanliness community involvement and teachers ambassadors. We can think about water filtration installation for each school or community places, establishment of canteen to maintain proper and healthy nutrition food for school kids. We should continue the best-maintained and clean student’s school appreciation. The required schools like Hushe, Kanday, Marzigond and Khadi schools may maintain hot water usage in toilets during few harsh months like October to December. It may tested as pilot.
Overview of Activity
The Doctor was professional and well-equipped communication grip. Together with the program manager visited in each school on set schedule. P.M education introduced the Doctor to Students and about the session in each school. Principals of each school welcome and appreciate the visit to emphasize health and hygiene habits in students. His presentations were precise, to the point, polite and friendly. His sound educational background introduced to students for inspiration to move forward. He elaborated in detail the causes and its preventive measures in very simple way, using native language (Balti) and appreciating the students. The support from education committees, staff and head teachers of each school are very appreciative. They welcome and express their gratitude to the prestigious donors from Basque.

Procedure of Painting to Accentuate Hygiene

The following Procedure followed to execute the activity: -
  1. After approval of budget from BF and fixed, the dates according to the FFB staff planned activities.

  2. The materials arranged and taken with to the schools on each day of its painting.

  3. Share the final plan to School Management Committee through making call and briefed about the event’s exact execution dates, importance and procedure.
Time Schedule of Painting Activity
Date of activity School name Village Duration Day plan
03 September 2018 Amin Braq Public School  Kanday  09:00 am 


01:00 pm 
  • Elaboration
  • Open challenge
  • Qualifying Round
  • Final Round
  • Display of Art
  • Student Observation
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Award Distribution
04 September 2018 Government Middle School Khaney 
05 September 2018 Government Primary School Khadi Machulo
13 September 2018  Mashabrum Public School Hushe

  1.  After Arrival on time to the school, all students of school asked to make a painting on a plane paper. This is just a painting and open with the theme. Given 30 minutes to this first round to windup.

  2. They were advised that this is open and forty of you will be selected as five from each (eight) classes. The forty most attractive arts will be able to qualify for second round.

  3. Thirty minutes later collected the paintings class wise. Sorted out five bests from each class.

  4. The selected students called for the final competition. They have been provide all necessary equipment for painting.

  5. They have advised that paint should be
    1. Bigger in size
    2. Must keep it clean
    3. Priority to be given to have the theme of health sensitization art
    4. Not the previous one but a new art have to paint out
    5. Every student will make only one painting in this competition
    6. You have 2:30 hours to sum up it
    7. Make sure the surroundings of your working area to be clean by all means
    8. The four-member jury will mark out your paintings after its closing
    9. The highest three scorers will be honored as first, 2nd and third positions along with awards.

  6. The Competition stopped after the set time and displayed on the walls of school corridors.

  7. Voluntarily four teachers and community representatives selected as jury for the competition to mark up. The charts were marked with serial numbers from 1 to 40 at the top right corner. The score list detailed with students names according to chart serial number written on a chart.

  8. The Teachers and all students being explained the paintings by each artist that what their paints representing or depicting.

  9. The four selected volunteer teachers and community representatives marked scores according to the set criteria and filled in the marks chart to sum up their scores. Each paint have the total marks five and teachers gave points within five to each paint. Then it has been sum up each secured scores. The maximum-scored points stated first, second and third positions.

  10. The point table displayed and gathered all students of the school in the award distribution ceremony. There the importance and real objective of the event elaborated in details that Health is the key thing to be care out in our lives. Recalled the previous health session lessons of steps to wash hands. The entire students, teachers and viewers appreciated and recognized the art of students. The position holders been awarded at the end. The session closed with the intention to Keep Clean school, home and street surroundings, will wash hands before and after meal, brush teeth before go to the bed, take a shower once must in a week or daily if possible and will keep clean uniforms and cloths.

The teachers were surprised with the event participation from the students and they enjoyed it. They said “Oh ! that’s painting depicting more than a professional Hand-Skill”. They appreciated as well and said, “Look this master piece of Art…! Wonderful. Good and Shabaaash” (Shabaash is an Urdu word use for admiration of advance level). I have asked to students “Did you all enjoyed the day? Did you experience something unique today? Did you like to have clean and healthy society around you?” They replied, “Yaaiiss ! Yasss ! Yessss ! Yes Sir !”.

Some students were curious and asked “Sir, It will organize next year as well?” Replied, May be!. But you keep clean your surrounding as Hygiene ambassador for your village. It is more than a worthy kindness for your society.

The students enjoyed and observed the event deeply. They seems unexperienced but learnt many new things with this activity. The most importantly they said, this sort of events must organized valley level and need to expand to all the government and private schools of the valley. 

Precise Suggestion and conclusion

The event must be take to 2nd level of implementation and may expand to the rest of all government and private schools of the valley. A large number of students may explore as further artists from the valley. The schools may have at least one teacher trained in Arts, painting and Drawing. So, the maximum students may have professionalism in the Art. The events in the schools stayed more than fruitful and full of learnings about Art, competition, health and Hygiene, cleanliness importance through enjoyments and recognitions. Apart from this, we may celebrate International Health Day in each school and boost up to community level as well. The best platforms for community participation is to make a union or plat from of Mullahs on Valley Level. This may be effective way to deliver the message regarding health, education and women empowerment. The religious leader and notables are the best after teacher’s platform (school) to deliver such message and campaigns.

Sustainability of Health & Hygiene in Schools

The community involvement through the Health committees, appointment of Health Coordinators in each school, owning the importance of health by communities in schools, installation of community based dustbins and hamlet based awareness are seems too confident aspects of a prominent and sustainable helath & hygiene in the community and schools of Hushe Valley.


Health Sessions

Balaygond Government Primary School (Health Session)

Mashabrum Public School Hushe (Health Session)

Amin Braq Public School Kanday (Health Session)

Government Primary School Khadi Machulo (Health Session)

Government Primary School Marzigond (Health Session)

Munawar Public School Machulo I (Health Session)

Munawar Public School Machulo II (Health Session)

Saling Unique Model Public School (Health Session)

Repairing and Maintenance of WCs and Faucets

Installation of Single WC and Washbasin in Balaygond school

Installation of 1 WC and Washbasin in Balaygond Primary School

Maintained WCs and Wash Basens (Marzigond Primary School)

Repairing of WCs sanitary Pipe in Munawar Public School Machulo

Kanday Amin Braq Public School WCs and Wash Basin maintenance

Hushe Mashabrum Public School WCs and running Tap Water

Health Sensitization Painting Activity

Towel and Soaps to the Students

Students receiving Awards from Hushe in Painting Health senseblization

Students painted and emphasized a clean environment

Students are doing their paintings in Kanday and Hushe

Project work Display and students are getting briefing from the Artist Students (Khaney and Kanday)

Community and School Health Coordinator Demands

Marzigond School Demand list for Health and Hygiene (Tooth paste, Nail cutters, Soap, Towel, scissor, hair cutting machine, mop and Dustbins.

Demand from Government Middle School Talis Health Coordinators to ensure Health and Hygiene

Award and Recognition

A girl Student got the recognition certificate in an International Art Competition (Art presented during Painting health sensitization competition

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