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We are always looking for people to help in our projects. Volunteers are very welcome to contact us!

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We, the staff of the FFB, work hard to develop and educate the communities of the Hushe Valley but we can make a much bigger difference with help and support from local volunteers. We welcome, appreciate and encourage everyone and anyone to come forward and give us a helping hand! Volunteers can work in any of the following fields:

Help us to help them!
Help us to help them!
And lots more...

October 2015 - Thank You Volunteers!

We 'Felix Foundation Baltistan' (FFB) would like to express our huge gratitude to the volunteer students of the Hushe Valley for stepping forward and giving their support to the education of the community. We love to encourage the volunteers who give their free time to help other Hushe Valley students. All these volunteers worked as teachers in various schools in the community this year and the entire team from the Mashabrum Student Community really deserves special appreciation for their revolutionary support of educational development.

We aim to encourage and support everyone who comes forward to volunteer for the Hushe Valley and give a helping hand to FFB.

This year's volunteers were:
  1. Anwar Ali
  2. Kaleem Ali
  3. Hasan Shahid
  4. Aqeel Khan
  5. Saqib
  6. Rustam Ali
  7. Ibrahim
  8. Ghulam Nabi
  9. Munawar
  10. Ghulam Nabi
  11. Amina
  12. Zubida
  13. Zehra

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