1st Meeting Minutes of Members of Hushe Valley Women Association

The first meeting of the Hushe Valley Women's Association was held on February 12th, 2018

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Meeting Venue:   Office of the Felix Foundation Baltistan

Meeting Date:  February 12, 2018

Chaired By:   Mr. Shamshair Ali, GC FFB

Meeting Participants

  1. All Members of the Hushe valley Women Association
  2. Basharat Ali
  3. Muhammad Amin Accountant FFB

Objectives of Meeting

  1.  Introductory meeting of all women members
  2. Celebration of the Registration
  3. Future planning
  4. Discuss the role of the HVWA in women development
  5. Identification and prioritize of the activities going be done in near future

Meeting Proceedings

Meeting minutes register
Cash book
Membership form
Letter Head
Chanda book, A book for donation
Official stamps
Sing Board for office
An office
Stationery; Pen, Pencils, Sharpner , stapler, paper, pin, etc.
Office Chairs 07
Office Table 01
Moving Chair 01
Open an Official Email to operate by the Chairwomen
File Cover 12
Folder file 12
Printer 01
Lap Top for Chairwoman to use for office
Scanner 01
Camera 01


The members of the Hushe valley Women Association prioritized their upcoming activities;

Short Term Activities:

  1. All the members will extend the message of the Creation and Establishment of the “Hushe valley Women Association” in their respective communities.
  2. Mobilize all the women to send the cent percent of the girls children to school.
  3. Mobilize all the women to be careful about the health and hygiene within their families, personal hygiene, house level hygiene, streets etc. 
  4. Mobilize the women towards business, jobs, etc.

Long Term Activities:

  1. Mobilize the girls towards quality, professional and higher Education
  2. Construction and Establishment of well-furnished Girls Hostels in Skardu and Islamabad to ensure the access of quality, professional and higher Education to the marginalized girls of Hushe valley. 

Attached Documents:

  1. Resolution of women members
  2. Attendance Sheet of the women members in meeting
  3. Pictures of the meeting






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