BANOA Solidarity Group and BF volunteers will visit Pakistan this year!

A Banoa Solidarity Group accompanied by BF volunteers will visit Pakistan this year and travel to the Hushe Valley.

Last modified by Andy on 2018-04-28 19:25:44

Banoa logoBANOA Solidarity Group will visit Pakistan this year. The Banoa company will donate its profit to the project of Munawar higher secondary school construction. This is a mega tour for FFB to receive them in Machulo soon. FFB and Hushe Valley community is really excited to meet with them in the Valley. The group participants from Basque, Spain has been participating since long in development of Hushe Valley. This time they are giving their immense contribution for higher secondary school construction. Not only FFB but the entire community of the valley is really thankful to BANOA, Baltistan Fundazioa and people of Basque.

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