Improving education is, without doubt, the most effective way of improving the lives and prospects of the people of the Hushe Valley. To this end, the FFB is involved with most of the schools in the area, providing teachers and advanced teacher training, grants and scholarships. One of our focus areas is providing better education for women and girls.

Construction of Munawar Higher Secondary School approved!
Alhamdulilah! The Foundation achieves a new milestone with the approval of the Munawar Higher Secondary School!
2018-04-23 21:51:44
Education problems in the Hushe Valley
2018-04-01 13:24:08
The FFB provides financial support to educate young people in the Hushe Valley...
2018-04-01 13:58:44
Project Sharbi Nima (Balti Sunrise)
Sharbi Nima is an educational strategy with an approach based on local leadership, gender equality and community development, which is endogenous, inclusive and sustainable. This is a long term project, designed and divided into several stages, that seeks to create a high quality education system in the area.
2018-04-01 13:25:03
Higher Education Scholarships for Girls
A big demand for higher education scholarships from girls...
2018-04-01 14:06:46
Adult Literacy Centres for Women
Huge benefits result when women can read and write!
2018-04-01 14:34:07
Computer Literacy Courses for Girls
Now girls need to be computer literate too!
2018-04-01 14:40:40
Free School Transport for Girls
A new free transport system for girls!
2018-04-01 14:45:30
Funding for Two Girls to Study Agriculture
Sponsorships for agriculture and diet!
2018-04-01 14:50:29
Our schools...
The Felix Foundation supports nine schools in the Hushe Valley, catering for 1,445 students - 626 boys, 747 girls and 72 orphans. Find out more about each of our schools here...
2019-05-21 20:07:19
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