Some of our success stories!

The FFB has been active in the Hushe Valley for many years now, these are just a few of the people we have helped in that time:

1. Ghulam Abbas and Arman Ali
The first of our 'success stories' highlighting how we have been able to help individuals in the valley...
2018-03-25 15:41:56
2. Ali Muhammad
The story of how we helped Ali Muhammad from Machulo to get a bachelor degree and eventually become Principal of the Munawar Public School.
2018-03-25 16:09:01
3. Basharat Ali
We are pround to have been able to help Basharat Ali to become one of the foremost promoters of education in the region. This is his story...
2018-03-25 16:52:48
4. Fida Hussain
Fida Hussain completed his masters degree with help from the FFB. Now he works for FM radio in Islamabad!
2018-03-25 16:57:25
5. Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan was selected for an Activity Grant, he used it to study commerce in Lahore before returning to the valley as a teacher...
2018-03-25 17:02:01
6. Ms. Hajira of Hushe
Ms. Hajira started taking sewing courses at our Vocational Training Centre, now she's gone on to become the Master Trainer there...
2018-03-25 17:05:23
7. Meer Muhammad
Meer Muhammad learned to sew at our Vocational Centre, now she earns a good living from selling the clothes she makes...
2018-03-25 17:09:02
8. Ms. Samia of Saling
Samia thought she would have to give up her studies until the FFB offered to fund her education in Khaplu. Now she's looking forward to going to university...
2018-03-25 17:25:20
9. Fida Ali and Iqbal
With help from us, Fida and Iqbal were able to grow and sell a diverse selection of vegetables from their greenhouses. Now they're sharing their secrets with others in the valley...
2018-03-25 17:29:24
And we continue to offer help and support to the people in the valley, through education, infrastructure, vocational training and many other projects.
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