FFB events coming soon to the Hushe Valley...

As you'll see, we have some exciting events and courses planned for the next few months, we'll post the reports as they happen!

Seven self-esteem workshops for Hushe Valley women
The FFB will soon be conducting seven self-esteem workshops for Hushe Valley women...
2018-04-28 15:53:01
BANOA Solidarity Group and BF volunteers will visit Pakistan this year!
A Banoa Solidarity Group accompanied by BF volunteers will visit Pakistan this year and travel to the Hushe Valley.
2018-04-28 15:52:47
Business support grants for women!
Business support for women will be provided by grants from FFB entrepreneurs.
2018-04-28 15:52:58
Two new sewing courses at the Machulo and Hushe VTCs
The FFB is planning to hold two more sewing courses at its Machulo and Hushe vocational training centres.
2018-04-28 15:53:00
Beauty Parlor and Fashion Design
"Beauty Parlor" courses are being prepared. These will offer experience sharing, shampoo making and fashion design training. Courses will be held in Skardu and Machulo.
2018-04-28 15:53:00
Computer and internet training for women in Machulo
More computer and internet training for the women in Machulo will take place shortly at FFB's Vocation Training Centre, Machulo.
2018-04-28 15:52:59
Sewing machine repair course in Machulo
We will be running a new sewing machine repair course in Machulo very soon!
2018-04-28 15:52:59
A new educational needs survey is planned!
The FFB plans to conduct a new comprehensive survey into the educational needs of the area.
2018-04-28 15:52:57
Hushe Valley Womens
The Hushe Valley Womens' Association executive members will get training in strengthening and steering the organisation.
2018-04-28 15:52:57
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